An Interview with writer Chuck Dixon


How did you get the job as writer of Punisher 2099?

Chuck: I think Joey simply ran out of options.

What recollections do you have about working with your artist on Punisher 2099, Rod Whigham?

Chuck: LOVE Rod Whigham! The guy is the whole comic artist package. He can draw action and gadgets and tell a story. In addition he has a great imagination and can draw believable futuristic stuff. And his guns are always awesome. We were entirely on the same page.

How different was it writing Jake Gallows versus Frank Castle?

Chuck: I really didn’t approach them any differently. They shared the same attitude and motivations and sense of irony. They were brothers separated by a century in my opinion.

What recollections do you have about working with Editor Joey Cavalieri?

Chuck: Joey is the comics editor I’ve known the longest. He knew my work and my reliability and just let me go. I don’t recall having a conversation after the initial one when he hired me. We might have done lunch once. Comics editors were always looking for a way to have lunch on the company dime.

When you took the assignment of Punisher 2099, did you know it was going to be cancelled?

Chuck: I knew it was on its last legs but not how quickly the axe would fall. I wrote two more issues with fantastic art by Quique Alcatena. They were never published but you can see them here at my website.

Did you know that Punisher 2099 would be killed off in another title (2099: Apocalypse)? Did you have anything to do with Punisher appearing alive in the final 2099 graphic novel "2099: Manifest Destiny"? I know the writer, Len Kaminski, called up some of the previous writers to see if they wanted anything “fixed.”

Chuck: I wasn’t aware of any of that.



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