An interview with inker Jimmy Palmiotti


How did you get the job working on Punisher 2099?

Jimmy: The editor, Joey Cavalieri, he was looking for somebody to compliment Tom's artwork. He wanted something with a little more oomph to it. A little more special effects to it. The way I inked Tom was very organic. He was a real solid penciler. But I would do some zippatones. White paint. Splatter. Things shining. Make it look wild. So it was just about finding the right inker over Tom. It worked pretty well. I inked Punisher 2099. I also inked some Spider-Man 2099. I also some Humberto was one of the X-Men 2099....


Jimmy: Yeah, X-Nation. I did the first three issues of X-Nation. That office was using me for everything that they could. And I was the deadline guy. So if they needed it, Monday or Tuesday I would come in with it and say, 'what else you got?' So I kept getting work because I kept getting it in on time. An editors job is give out the work, make his own life easy, right, so I was the guy who would make editors lives easy.

What recollections do you have about working with Joey?

Jimmy: Joey's a great guy. You know, another paisan. He let me do whatever I wanted. He was one of the few editors who would go over the pages, each one. He was very complimentary, which we need because we are pretty much sitting at home with nothing but work all the time.

Why did you leave the book?

Jimmy: I think I left when Tom left. I think we left at the same time. They were always shuffling us around. I got shuffled from book to book You gotta remember I was inking three books a month. It might have been just to do something else. I think also, this was mid 90s, so I was just starting. When youíre just starting, anything they offer you, you donít want to say no. Because they might not hire you again. I took on everything they offered. But I loved Punisher 2099, I loved the writing on it, I loved the premise. Where else are you going to get Punisher throwing five guys on an electric chair to save money? I actually went back last year to pitch Axel and Marvel a new Punisher 2099, but they werenít interested. Maybe they had somebody else in mind to do it. I thought, I can write this thing hardcore. I started as an inker, but I thought wouldnít it be nice to write it. I really did like it. It used to make me laugh out loud, it was so crazy. Maybe thatís something to do with why I like writing Harley Quinn. Itís a little twisted. I think comics should have humor to them. Even if itís real dark. There should be some joy to the madness.  




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