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"What Lurks Below!"

The following is sixteen pages from an unpublished Ravage 2099 story. It is written by Gary Cohn, a long-time writer at DC Comics who co-created the characters Blue Devil and Amethyst. It is penciled by David Boller, an artist who is no stranger to the 2099 universe having penciled the "Young Miguel O' Hara" stories featured in Spider-Man 2099. The story is inked by Don Hudson, who likewise worked on several 2099 titles including Spider-Man 2099, Hulk 2099, and 2099 Unlimited.


The story is clearly marked as an inventory issue. Inventory issues were issues that were prepared in the event the regular issue of the series could not be published on time. Unlike now when a issue's release is just delayed if it is not ready, in the 90s (and going back much further than that) it was common practice for editors to have a "back-up" issue ready for these circumstances.  Ernie Colon's Doom 2099 #8 is an example of inventory issue being used, as is the William Simpson penciled Punisher 2099 #14.


Pure speculation on my part, but I believe this issue was plotted very early on. Note that on page 4 Ravage is seen piloting the Fantasti-car. The vehicle was found by Ravage in #6 but then subsequently is never seen after #8 which was the last issue plotted by Stan Lee and the first scripted by Pat Mills & Tony Skinner.

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