An interview with writer Tony Skinner


How did you and Pat get the assignment of taking over Ravage 2099?

Tony: Pat and I were in N.Y. with Marvel... Punisher 2099 had done well and we were at a planning meeting (far as I can remember). Stan Lee was there and mentioned the character - he was keen to get shot of it to someone who would do a decent job. We said yes and I took over after the first few episodes..

What recollections do you have about working with the artists on Ravage : Grant Miehm, Joe Bennett?

Tony: None, really. With a few exceptions, I've never really got on with artists... 'Though I'm sure Grant and Joe are great guys - I did my bit, they did theirs. Having said that, I've only two pieces of comic art on my walls: a Slaine original and a fine print of Ravage.

What recollections do you have about working with Editor Joey Cavalieri?

Tony: Nice fellow, as I remember... American management: they are all much the same. Like movie producers, minus the bullshit.

Why did you leave the 2099 books? Particularly Ravage; you and Pat wrote all of the post-Stan Ravage issues except the very last issue. Were you aware that the book was going to be cancelled?

Tony: I didn't write the last one? Ha! Ha! Anyway, it became clear to all involved that the 2099 universe had stopped laying golden eggs. Things wind up fairly swiftly with Marvel when the gravy stops flowing... Reasonable; they are a business like any other. I liked Ravage: he got to say and do some cool shit. There was always lots of other work and those guys have lots of writers. There were no bad feelings that I'm aware of. 

What recollections do you have about working with the artists on Punisher 2099: Tom Morgan and Simon Coleby?

Tony:   I remember really liking some of the Punisher art. Who's? Dunno. As I recall, they both really got behind what our Jake was all about.

Were you happy with the status quo change in Punisher 2099 caused by One Nation Under Doom story? Or would you have preferred to keep Jake as a vigilante?

Tony: I've never cared about any of that. To me, the whole joy of writing a character is in solving the issues that I present him/her with. The same pleasure is to be found in solving the issues that the publisher or editor or main writer or any other interest presents to my story flow.

Any favorite character, cover, or story from your time on 2099?

Tony: Nah. All just stories for cash, mate. I had a personal affection for Ravage because of the polemic he allowed me to indulge in and Jake gave Pat and I a lot of fun.




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