An interview with artist Ashley Wood


How did you first become involved with 2099?

Ash: I had sent samples to Marvel, they ended up on an out-going editor's desk and Joey C got gifted them, I guess. He then called and offered me the gig, which I have to say was damn exciting at the time, I liked the comic already and had my first Marvel job!

Do you recall anything you drew that was not published? Perhaps something with another 2099 character?

Ash: I'm pretty sure I drew some more Heartbreaker pages. There was going to be a Vampirella / Heartbreaker book, but it got canned, bummer!

What recollections do you have about working with writer Len Kaminski?

Ash: I remember he was supportive and sent great scripts on time. Apart from that we didn't chat, more the shame!

What recollections do you have about working with editor Joey Cavalieiri?

Ash: Great guy, had my back, never a dick word to say. I decided to stick with Joey when I was offered work by the X-office, didn't do much for my career as they cancelled GR 2099, but Joey was enough to stay!

Did you work closely with your inker, James Daley?

Ash: As close as you could being in different countries. We spoke often on the phone. I would say our chats were the highlight of working together. James is a super talented guy, super nice too. He saved my bacon many times on GR2099 as the finisher! He was a stand up guy!

What do you recall about designing some of the villains from your issues: Vengeance 2099, Heartbreaker, L-Cypher

Ash: I remember there wasn't much to go on, and I just winged it. Heartbreaker was one I cared for; I think the splash page of my second issue, Heartbreaker jumping etc. is my fav page.

How did you come to work on Doom 2099?

Ash: I was in NY visiting friends and I think Joey felt because I was there to give me some work, and I believe the regular artist was late , god bless him, so Bang I had a script... It was a cool script, bombs out of mobile phones, great stuff..

What medium did you use for the GR 2099 covers? Some look painted. Especially #17 & #22

Ash: Acrylic paint for those and computer shit. I couldn't paint then, just trying. Lucky Marvel were willing to pay for those!

Were there any challenges or difficulty unique to working on Ghost Rider 2099 as opposed to other comics you have worked on?

Ash: Growing up quick, finding deadlines could not be broken at Marvel, but it was great fun. I always liked the 2099 universe, would love to revisit GR2099 one day! They should reprint the run of the entire book!

Do you have a favorite issue or cover?

Ash: I like the last cover, the wrap around one; lame coloring but it was a wrap around cover! The first one reminds me of how cool it felt to do a cover to a Marvel Comic.

What do you recall about the cancellation?

Ash: It sucked, you feel its obviously the art that ruined it. I think Joey went to DC soon after ? I wish we had gotten to do more together on books. Still, I loved the comic, my first Marvel work...cant beat that!

Cover to Ghost Rider 2099 #15, Wood's 1st cover for the series.

Color guide of the wrap-around cover to Ghost Rider 2099 #25



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