An interview with artist Kyle Hotz


How did you first become involved with 2099?

Kyle: I got a call from Evan skolnick, who I drew (or attempted to draw) a doctor strange annual for. The whole thing sounded tailor made for me, with the blade runner, William Gibson stuff, and Evan had no problem with how wacky I drew stuff.

What recollections do you have about working with writer Len Kaminski?

Kyle: Len was great, and I loved a lot of the same stuff that he did. I remember liking everything he ever gave me to draw, nothing was dull. There was just so much fun material in his scripts. A big disappointment was not getting to draw Snake Plissken for him a few years later.

What recollections do you have about working with editor Evan Skolnick?

Kyle: Evan was another guy I really enjoyed working with. I don't really know what he saw in me when he hired me for dr. Strange, but I appreciate that he gave me a shot. I think I certainly began to do a better job when I got on GR. One funny thing I remember is him telling me that someone at the office was complaining that I gave GR too big of a cod piece!

Is drawing a comic set in a near dystopian future like Ghost Rider 2099 any different from drawing something contemporary set?

Kyle: Yes, it's much more fun. Whenever I can make things up instead of referencing them, I'm much happier. I always tend to overdo things in my drawings, so a cityscape like the 2099 books had was like a playground. Honestly, it never felt like work. I mean, it was hard, and the deadlines were tight for pencilling and inking a monthly book, but I loved what I was drawing.

Do you have a favorite issue or cover?

Kyle: Not really, like I said, I enjoyed them all. I liked being able to go nuts on the city and the tech stuff, and wild perspectives. I did like doing the issue with all the crazy animal cyborgs that were hunting GR.

Why did you leave the book?

Kyle: Stupidity? I really don't know or remember. I think Malibu promised me more time per issue and they offered more money as well. But if it had been solely based on fun, I would have stayed on GR.



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