An Interview with artist Steve Pugh


During your run on the title a new armor for Doom 2099 was introduced. How did the design for the armor come about?

Steve: As you can see I envisioned him a bit more heavy, like a Henry the Eighth. They were also worried his features were a bit "ethnic!" Crazy times. We were moving pretty fast though - I don't think there was a stage between this and drawing the pages.


What do you recall about working with Warren Ellis?

Steve: I have to be honest, I thought Warren was BORN to write Doom. Hell he IS Doom. He was totally on fire, I think he only gave it up because they tried to foist a cross-over on him. His writing was traumatizing the editor, my machinery was being censored for obscenity, I think we had something going - lol.

Did you have to redraw panels?

Steve: Nah, they told the inker to redraw them which kinda pissed me off- wasn't why I left though. It was silly stuff - but I was just following Warren's lead on Cronenberg -ish body horror machinery.

Why did you leave?

Steve: Oh, I was finding the schedule tough going, and Warren was going, and Garth wanted me for Saint of Killers so, essentially Warren handed me off to Garth in some kind of pseudo-pimp situation.

Was the tough schedule why you never did any covers; no time? I always wanted to know what a Doom 2099 cover from you would be like.

Steve: I actually think my covers are weak - I only really enjoy the story telling stuff -- I think my closest image to a cover was the full page shot of doom in his ruined armor.

This one, right?

Steve: Ha yeah! I like that rib cage thing I did! I'm a weird ugly artist, I must have been a nightmare to ink. Scott [Koblish] did a bang up job. Though he changed my big Captain America reveal.

How so?

Steve: Oh, I spend a lot of time on faces - they may look odd, but there's a lot of design work in them - He redrew the Steve Rogers face I penciled, it may have been editorial telling him to.

Speaking of you recall if Warren knew where that plot was going? Was that Cap meant to be the real deal?

Steve: As far as we were concerned it was Cap, though we totally expected to have it revised by those who came later. He was a simple soul with a chunk of ice in his brain!

In another interview from around this time, you mentioned being particularly happy with the X-Men 2099 story you did with Ian Edginton. Was this because you inked the story yourself?

Steve: [That was] also for the lovely Joey Cavalieri, editor on Doom. Real gent. Yeah, and I had the time to give it my best efforts. I'm also better with female protagonists (I think).

What do you recall about working with Joey, the editor?

Steve: Well I remember Joey had a good take on what was acceptable in mainstream comics at the time, and Warren, of course was pushing those boundaries but it was never mean spirited, and we all had a lot of pride in the book.

Did you do anything that was not published?

Steve: Only the edited art didn't get published. It was felt to be a bit too...uh.. disquieting. My helicopters were too sexual to be printed - lol.



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