The following are select quotes from past interviews and posts from online newsgroups in which Warren Ellis has spoken about this work on 2099.


On the genesis of "One Nation Under Doom:

"All I said to Joey, when I took over the book, was I wanted to make it even more political and apocalyptic. Then he rang me up a few days later saying 'We've just had one of those Marvel 17-hour business lunches and we've come with this really great idea; could Doom take over America?' I thought about this for a moment, realized I was probably working for the wrong people, and said 'Sure, he could.' They said, 'OK work it up.'""

- Warren Ellis from 2099 Special: The World of Doom  "America, O' Tis of Doom" May 1995, interviewed by Anya Martin.

On Doom 2099 being the original Victor von Doom"

"As far as I am concerned, he's convinced he's Victor von Doom, and that's good enough for me."


- Warren Ellis from 2099 Special: The World of Doom  "America, O' Tis of Doom" May 1995, interviewed by Anya Martin.

On his direction of the series and the character:

"I chose not to pursue [Doom's mystical side] because, ultimately, the magic stuff wasn't as interesting to me (in this instance) as the political stuff. I wanted to write a piece of political sf, so I kind of ignored the magical side of Doom. I felt it was more important to drag a REALLY ignored side of Doom into the limelight -- his revolutionary aspect.."

- Warren Ellis 12/11/95 via rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

The fate of Vox and Fortune:

"I'd intended to reveal Vox as dead, and Fortune as the horribly scarred last survivor of Latveria."

- Warren Ellis 10/15/95 via rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

One Nation Under Doom's premature ending:

"I'd planned to have Doom's dethronement happen in #38. Marketing apparently decreed that "One nation" be ended much, much earlier, and a new crossover concept be introduced..." - Warren Ellis 10/15/95 via rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

Captain America's true identity:

"'ll never know, I left the book before resolving that one. I never *intended* to leave the book before resolving it, but,
then, I didn't intend to leave the book for another year. Things happened (that I won't speak about here, so don't ask). So,
sorry, but that one's down to the new writer, Tom Peyer."  - Warren Ellis 11/14/95 via


On Daredevil 2099:

"I created that DD character specifically for Genesis...God knows if he'll ever appear again. I certainly have no plans for him, for I'm not doing any new 2099 work for the foreseeable future."
- Warren Ellis 11/29/95 via rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe


On Dust's true identity (and not being Cable as some have speculated):

"...he's just some loser mutant who never had the guts to join the X-Men in the late 20th Century."
- Warren Ellis 5/19/96 via rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe



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