An Interview with artist Jason Armstrong


How did you get the job of working on 2099: World of Tomorrow? What do you recall about working on the series?

Jason: I would like to think I got the assignment to work on 2099: WOT because of my work on the single Spiderman fill in I did during Mike Weiringo's run, and all the "teen" comics at DC. I dug working on the varied locations and characters. One page would be an underground sorcerer's lair, an adventure on the moon, or buddies lost at sea. Variety is the spice of life!

Each issue had multiple pencilers and multiple inkers, why was this? Was it because each issue was over-sized?

Jason: As you have stated, there were multiple artists on the 48 page monthly comics. Editorial knew they were picking up the pieces from the entire line of 2099 comics. The most challenging part was the incredible cast of characters -- I admit I was only familiar with Spiderman 2099 - didn't read the others -- so there was a steep learning curve! Ditto for my time on Legion of Superheroes!

What recollections do you have about working with the inkers?

Jason: I didn't have any contact with the inker, I'm not even sure he was in North America. Editorial was very helpful, but you must keep in mind this was still very much the time I would Fedex my art boards to Marvel, and they would redirect the pages to the inker -- I believe all the lettering was glued? I'd have to check my remaining stash of art pages... I liked what the inker was doing -- not quite what I drew, but a lot of interesting textures. I understood there was an attempt to marry the multiple penciling looks into a unified look. I feel the inker "plussed" my pencils. I can't say that about all my gigs.

What do you recall about cancellation of the series?

Jason: I was blindsided by the cancellation of the series. I assume Editorial knew pretty early on, but chose not to inform me because they wanted me to stay focused on the job, and not spend my time being concerned about the next gig. I knew that 2099 had been resurrected specifically because there was a video game in the works, but I had just been in contact with the writer about a 2099 Black Panther storyline when word came down that we were done, the video game option was no longer on the table. I had planned on using/revamping a discarded Kirby version of the Coal Tiger.

Of the many characters in the series, did you have a favorite, or a favorite issue that stands out in your memory?

Jason: My favorite issue was the one with that cool lady Dr Strange, and I always enjoy drawing Spiderman.




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