Below is a list of articles and interviews that have appeared in print.


2099 was featured in MARVEL Age in the 1992 issue #117. The article entitled “2099, A Marvel Odyssey” featured comments from editor Joey Cavalieri on the development of the 2099 concept as well as the individuals characters. Interesting to note is that apparently there were “tentative plans for the 2099 universe to explore the rest of Earth’s solar system within their first year.” Cover art is by Ravage 2099 artist Paul Ryan. The issue also featured the first of four 1-page teasers written by Cavalieri and art by Art Nichols. The three subsequent issues of Marvel Age featured the other teasers but otherwise no other 2099-related content.


"2099, A Marvel Odyssey" 


2099 teasers appear in Marvel Age 117, 118, 119, 120

Comics Values Monthly #74 "Marvel 2099: Days of Future Present" by Neil A. Hansen 

Joey Cavalieri interviewed. Cover features 2099 concept art.

Comic Shop News #269

"Marvel's Newest New Universe --Same As It Ever Will Be" by Cliff Biggers


Marvel Age #125 "The Future of 2099"


For the 1993 issue Marvel Age #125, Joey Cavalieri discusses the expansion of the 2099 universe as well as the first crossover event, Fall of the Hammer. In the article Cavalieri talks about the decision to make X-Men the first team title and the concept behind 2099 Unlimited. He also takes the time to talk about current events in the original four titles.



Comics Interview #123

Charles D. Novinskie interviews writer John Francis Moore at length about X-Men 2099.

Comic Talk #6

Clifford Meth conducts an extensive interview with Ron Lim about his career. Despite what it says on the cover, X-Men 2099 is only mentioned briefly on the last page.

Comics Scene #38 "Tomorrow's Mutants" by Drew Bittner


John Francis Moore interviewed about X-Men 2099.

Advance Comics #45


Interview with editor Joey Cavalieri.

Advance Comics #48


Interview with writer Pat Mills.



  Advance Comics #60

Joey Cavalieri interviewed about Fall of the Hammer.

Comics Scene #42  "Future Fire" by Drew Bittner


Len Kaminski interviewed about Ghost Rider 2099.


Marvel Vision #2  "Doomed for All Time" pages


Tom Peyer interviewed about Doom 2099, teases Rage Against Time. Significant is his describing that Doom would be assembling a device rather creating a cure for Latverians. Also that the original plan was to have Doom overshoot on his return and arrive in the year 2101.


Marvel Vision #3 "Hanging with Ron Lim"


Ron Lim interview about Spider-Man 2099. Short mention of plans to jump all titles to the year 2101 in the "Fast Forward" event.





Marvel Vision #4


Fantastic Four 2099 sketchbook and pages.

3D Design [September 1996]


Interview with Jeff Bunker, character designer on the Marvel 2099: One Nation Under Doom video game.


Overstreet's Fan #17 "Grant Morrison & Mark Millar's Marvel Tales: Apocalypse" by Scott Braden

Extensive write up of Morrison and Millar's proposed revamp of 2099 submitted in 1994.

Text reprinted online here.

Marvel Vision #20  "The Greatest Comics Never Seen"


Glimpse of the unpublished Galahad 2099 short.