Writer - Len Kaminski
Art - Mike McKone


After the discovery of the real Captain America alive, Miguel O Hara attempts to use the event to unify the last remaining people of Earth. Miguel gives Cap Thor's hammer so that he can symbolize the uniting of two legends that are still important to the people of 2099. However the Watcher appears and informs them of a final threat to Earth that must be defeated. Years ago, the Watchers placed a barrier to prevent the human race from expanding beyond their own solar system. In order for humanity to achieve their destiny, the barrier must be destroyed. All of Earth's remaining heroes unite in a full-on attack upon the barrier. Its final destruction comes with a heavy price as the Watcher chooses to die in order for humanity to be free. Also lost is Captain America who disappears into the depths of space leaving behind only Thor's hammer. Miguel catches the hammer and thus proves that he is worthy. Time passes, and humanity expands and achieves its ultimate destiny. Then one day in the year 3099, humanity wishes to honor one of its greatest citizens. An aged Miguel attends a ceremony in his honor, meanwhile, another discovery is made elsewhere. Captain America is found once more, frozen. Miguel welcomes Cap, now just Steve Rogers, to the future...again. Steve states his intentions of exploring space and making a life for himself. Miguel then hands him his walking stick which turns out to be Thor's hammer. Finally, hidden in cyberspace, Zero Cochrane the former Ghost Rider, checks that all of this information is up to date. He then releases his original captors and allows them to enter a binary limbo which for them is heaven. Zero, the ghost in the machine who has lent a silent hand to all the events that we have seen finally enjoys peace and quiet as the sole inhabitant of cyberspace.


  • Not a Doom 2099 appearance



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