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Title - Harvest of a Quiet Eye
Issue - 13

Writer - John Francis Moore
Art - Alcatena

Doom  travels to a Byzantine library of mystical books in search for some way to restore his lost memory. There, the librarian who promises to help him is attacked by the supernatural force known as Necrotek. Necrotek seeks to gain control of the three Eyes of Agamotto. Vox, wielder of the first Eye, fears he is too small to combat the demon and transfers the Eye's power to Doom. With Vox's instruction, Doom does battle with the demon. In Hong Kong, Fortune and her allies are surrounded by assassins; but Lei Fong easily out matches them all in combat. Afterwards, she warns that there will be more. In the library, Doom and Necrotek continue to fight until Doom eludes him. Using the libraries computers, Doom attempt to learn all he can about the demon, but he is quickly found and the battle commences once more. Suddenly the Eye attacks the demon. Necrotek realizes it is Vox who controls the eye and he leaves to seek him out. Vox is quickly located by the demon. As he hold the boy in his grip, Doom enters and offers to give him the Eye in exchange for Vox. Necrotek agrees. As the demon holds the Eye in his hand, Doom steps away from a monitor. Displayed on the screen is a magical symbol which casts the demon back to the Grey Lands. Doom holds the Eye in his hands and ponders on all the things he could do with its power, but ultimately hands it back to Vox, its true owner.



  • The library which Doom visits is located in the hills of Latveria, however its existence has been kept so secret that Doom knew nothing of it in the previous century.

  • The librarian reveals that the Eye of Agamotto found Vox, he is a nexus around which many forces will align in the next century.

  • First appearance of Margaretta.

  • Vox speaks for the first (only) time.

  • The librarian mentions Doom's battle with Mephisto for the soul of his mother. See Astonishing Tales #8, Triumph and Torment.

  • Vox's final appearance.

  • Collected in The Best of Marvel 1994 TPB


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