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Title - Long Live...King Doom the First
Issue - 16

Writer - Ernie Colon

Art - Ernie Colon



Doom is summoned into Cyberspace by Wire who has found a stray Alchemax project call Virtual Unreality.  It's creator, Jordon Boone, uploaded the project into cyberspace before he parted with the company. When Doom and Wire arrive they are greeted by apparently the ghosts of history's greatest military leaders. Julius Cesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Genghis Kahn, etc. Together these historical figures come together and convince Doom that he is the only man that can rule the world and bring it to order. With their help Doom apparently does so and proceeds to execute all who stand in his way. The carnage only ends when Wire finds a figure from Latveria's own history that manages to use a greater power to undo all the damage that Doom has done. Doom and Wire leave the virtual unreality with no memory of what has transpired. 



  • Editor Joey Cavalieri explains that John Francis Moore had some trouble getting both his X-Men and Doom stories in so they used this unused filler issue. On the site I have listed this underneath issue 13. Doom here is unfamiliar with Virtual Unreality technology. I therefore would set this story after Doom 2099 #13 but before #14 which is the Fall the Hammer crossover issue. Also this would take place before 2099 Unlimited #7 which has Doom's 'first' real encounter with Virtual Unreality. Also he doesn't recognize the name Jordan Boone whom he actually meets during The Fall of the Hammer event.   





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