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  • Spiderman 2099 #16 - The Hammer Strikes

  • Ravage 2099 #15 - Horns of a Dilemma

  • X-Men 2099 #5 - Lightening Strike

  • Doom 2099 #14 - The Hammer or the Anvil

  • Punisher 2099 #13 - All for One


Writers - John Francis Moore, Pat Mills and Tony Skinner, and Peter David
Art - Tom Morgan, Ron Lim, Pat Broderick, Grant Miehm, and Rick Leonardi




As Miguel 'O Hara and Dana are enjoying a quiet walk alone together, a rumble on the sky marks the arrival of the floating city, Valhalla. Aboard the floating city we find old and familiar names with new faces. The Aesir, the gods of Norse mythology have returned. The first to greet humanity are Thor and Heimdall. Thor sees Dana and takes a liking to her. Miguel raises his protests and is promptly thrown miles away by Thor's strength. An angered Thor begins to forces people, "the worthy" onto Valhalla. Miguel returns to the site of Valhalla but as Spiderman. He engages Thor in a fight that once again ends with him being thrown miles away but this time into a huge crumbling building which collapses above him. When he emerges, none other than the Punisher is awaiting him with a gun aimed at his head. 


Meanwhile, at Ravage's office, the X-Men ambush Ravage for some information that he refused to give them. Bloodhawk tries to beat Ravage for the information but to his surprise, he finds out why Ravage is so unimpressed by his appearance. Ravage transforms and agrees to help them. Together they fly off to Valhalla where they are met by Public Eye security forces. Eventually separated, the X-Men take on the Norse god Heimdall while Ravage seeks the engine room where he has already planned a rendezvous with Doom. Their plan is to correct the engine defects that are causing the floating city to pollute everything it flies over and prevent it form its eventual crash onto the surface below. Unfortunately for Ravage he encounters Hela, queen of the underworld. After some battling Ravage realizes that Hela is indeed Tiana. Ravage convinces Tiania that this Norse god routine is not for her, she then flees dazed and confused.


Elsewhere, the X-Man Skullfire escapes from security forces and proceeds to meet up with some of his fellow X-Men on Valhalla. Skullfire finds a huge mob that is being flown up to Valhalla one at a time by con artists that are charging thousands of credits per person. Skullfire commandeers one of the lifts and begins his own ascent. As he gets closer to Valhalla his mind recalls the events that led him there. X-men Menastreak, Krys, and Bloodhawk continue their fight against Heimdall. When all seems lost, Loki appears to Meanstreak and gives him a device to defeat the Norse god. After becoming powerless, Heimdall falls to Bloodhawk's blows. It is only then that we learn that Loki is in fact Meanstreak's lost friend, Jordan Boone. At the same time Doom arrives with Skullfire and challenges Loki's control over the situation. Last but not least, Thor arrives and strikes down Bloodhawk with lightening. 


Thor is maddened with rage when he sees his servant Heimdall lying defeated on the ground. Thor turns out his anger on Doom. As the battles rages Loki once again helps out by tipping to Doom that Thor's power is in his hammer. A huge explosion is caused when Doom blocks Thor's constant flow of power and both are sent hurtling away from Valhalla in a ball of fire. When Thor recovers is is not lying in a burnt out a crater but in the laboratory of the man called Avatarr. It is at this point that we see that Thor is none  other than the Reverend McAdam, preacher of the church of Thor. Avatarr restores the reverend to his full power and sends him off on his mission of destruction. Thanks to Doom's cloaking ability, he is able to witness it and threatens Avatarr. Avatarr reminds Doom that Valhalla will fall any minute and morally blackmails him into believing that the lives at stake are more important than killing him. On Valhalla, the heroes try to organize an evacuation of the city. As the last of the evac pods leave, Doom arrives on seen. Ravage informs Doom that everything he has tried has not worked and that there is no stopping the city from falling onto New York.
As the finale closes in, Doom devises a plan to make Valhalla stay afloat. Punisher and Spiderman stay above to hold off the Aesir who are sure to want to stop them. Doom meanwhile goes below with Ravage to enact his plan. As the gods Heimdall and Baldur attack an enormous battle begins. Finally Punisher literally pulls out the big guns and and disintegrates the two gods. Below in the engine room of the city, Thor bursts in and destroys Doom's work. Valhalla begins it's rapid lunge into the earth. Punisher jumps Thor and realizes who it is. Punisher manages to distract Thor long enough to grab his hammer and throw it into the city's power works. The energy form the hammer restores the city into working order. In the aftermath Avatarr appears once more to gloat that theirs was a minor victory.



  • First ever crossover in the 2099 universe

  • Issue number 17 of Spiderman 2099 includes an Epilogue to event showing Doom taking Valhalla, contrary to an agreement that all the heroes made to let it crash into some desolate part of world.

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