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Fortune is the foremost member of the Zefiro tribe of gypsies. She first befriends Doom following his first encounter with Tiger Wylde. Tiger Wylde left Doom for dead. The tarot cards foretold of his usefulness in overthrowing Tiger Wylde and she therefore had Doom taken to her camp where his wounds were tended to. From that moment on Doom considered her a close ally. Under his leadership, Doom brought victory against the Megacorp dictator, Tiger Wylde. After Wylde's overthrow, Fortune continued to aid and counsel Doom during his new reign over Latveria. Fortune and Doom share a common desire to provide the best for the people of Latveria. Despite this common ground their relationship remained at arms length, for Fortune always believed Doom to be a wild card whose global ambitions would pose great danger to Latveria.


Fortune's relationship with Doom eventually fell apart after discovering that she offered her allegiance to the Neon Angel in return for the restoration of her brother Kaz. Doom had uncovered that Neon Angel was in fact the alias of Margaretta Von Geisterstadt , the woman responsible for his memory loss and his "reappearance" in 2099. Despite this, Doom allowed Fortune to remain in charge of Latverian affairs in his absence while he administrated over America. Fortune's final fate remains unknown. She would meet Doom again after the necro-toxification of Latveria for which she blamed Doom. She only called upon him once more when a supposedly resurrected Wire reappeared in her camp.



DOOM 2099 #1 -First appearance

DOOM 2099 #6 -Poet reveals details about his past with Fortune and her brother

DOOM 2099 #11-13 -Fortune travels to China seeking her brother

DOOM 2099 #15 & 17 -Fortune is reunited with Kaz

DOOM 2099 #43 -Fortune leads the remaining Zefiro after Latveria's devestation

DOOM 2099 #44 -Final appearance

Tiger Wylde:

Prior to becoming the ruler of Latveria, Tiger Wylde was in the employ of the Alchemax corporation. As a member of its Elite Corps, Wylde participated in the corporation's multinational skirmishes as leader of the corps. Feeling that he had outgrown the company he worked for, Wylde became a free agent and made his home in Latveria. During his service for Alchemax and in the years after, Wylde replaced various parts of his body with enhancements.

Upon Doom's arrival in 2099, Wylde was his first obstacle towards regaining his throne. Having taken over Latveria many years ago he was not surprised to see yet another Doom "impersonator." Although the name Doom had lost most of its significance Wylde had familiarized himself with the tales of the Zefiro born ruler of Latveria. Doom's antiquated armor failed him and Wylde provided Doom his first lesson in how far technology had advanced since his day. Wylde scarred Doom's curiously unmarked face and discarded him as a mere nuisance.

After recovering from this encounter, Doom led his Zefiro kin in a revolt against Tiger Wylde. Using a valuable Virbranium shipment as bait, Doom lured Wylde to a hidden mountain base. After a hard fought battle, Doom ignited the Vibranium thus bringing the whole mountain down upon them both.


Doom assumed that this would be his final battle against Wylde but this would prove untrue. While traveling to Myridia in search of answers to his identity, Doom would be confronted by a revived Tiger Wylde. Wylde was brought back to life by "Doctor Doom" (really Erik Czerny). Tiger Wylde met his final end when Doom severed him in half using a time-platform.

Doom 2099 #1 First appearance
Doom 2099 #2 Origin
Doom 2099 #4 First Death
Doom 2099 #22 Resurrection
Doom 2099 #24 Second Death




Wire (real name possibly Wyatt) is a cybersavant. He is young and enthusiastic about almost everything. He lives for cyber surfing. Doom was at first unimpressed because of his youthful personage but would later depend upon him as his guide to learning all he needed to know about Cyberspace. Wire would become closely attached to Doom after a long and dangerous excursion into cyberspace that nearly resulted in both of their deaths. Doom's pride may not allow him to admit it, but Wire has on several occasions been all that has stood in keeping Doom in balance. Wire's fate would not be a happy one. After the departure of Xandra, a woman that he loved, Wire entered a downward spiral of carelessness in both the real world and cyberspace. Wire would appear to have met his end in the citadel of Margaretta Von Geisterstadt but thanks to a small program given to him by Duke Stratosphere, Wire could later be brought back to life through a process of cyber necromancy. Wire's return to the real world was not complete. For the remainder of his life he would live simultaneously in both the real world and the cyber one. This simultaneous existence led him to become a consort to PALOMA, a sentient program that Wire helped repair and had taken over large parts of Cyberspace. After the taking of North America, Wire ended his dual existence after discovering that Xandra had died in the battle for Washington D.C. Wire would once again cheat death by being used as the emissary of the techno-organic race known as the Phalanx. His final duty was to deliver Doom to the Phalanx in order to make a deal to recover their missing probe. 


DOOM 2099 #1 -First appearance
DOOM 2099 #7 -Meets PALMOA for the first time
DOOM 2099 #25 -First death
DOOM 2099 #27 -Wire is resurrected
DOOM 2099 #32 -Wire commits suicide
DOOM 2099 #44 -
Wire appears to Doom as the emissary of the Phalanx



The cyber entity known as Fever leads a dual existence. As a human being Fever remains perpetually jacked into Cyberspace. As his evil cyber archetype, he is known all throughout Cyberspace as one of the most feared villains. Fever proved to be one of Doom's most worthy adversaries. Fever came under the employ of Seņor De Vargas, owner and CEO of the PIXEL corporation. With Tiger Wylde out of the way, De Vargas hoped to use Fever to kill Doom and thus take Latveria for himself. By tapping into Doom's on board computer system, Fever began to sabotage Doom's armor from the inside. With no other recourse, Doom accompanied Wire on a quest to find out what was the cause of the malfunctioning armor. The quest soon became an odyssey as Fever managed to trap both Wire and Doom in Cyberspace.  Among his strategies, Fever set Doom up against a twisted version of the Fantastic Four. Fever believed he had finally succeeded in killing Doom but he would of course be surprised. Doom destroyed Fever's cyberspace persona by tapping into PALOMA's extensive capabilities. The end result was the death of Fever in the real world. His true identity remains unknown.

DOOM 2099 #5 - First appearance
DOOM 2099 #8 - Doom kills Fever



Found as a young girl alongside the body of her dead Wakandan parents, Xandra was taken in by the Zefiro tribe of gypsies. Raised as a member of the tribe, Xandra befriended Wire with whom she developed a strong friendship. Some might say that as the two grew up their friendship manifested itself as a form of unrequited love. Xandra was present at Doom's arrival in 2099 and later joined Doom's movement to retake Latveria. However Xandra's motive for lending her skills as a warrior had little to do with helping Doom but rather to protect Wire and to serve the Zerifo. Her loyalty was always with the tribe. Nevertheless, when offered the opportunity to train under the famed Panther's Rage, Xandra's Wakandan blood took over and she left Latveria to join the elite guild of warriors. As a member of the Panther's Rage, Xandra's skills as a warrior increased. Ironically, Xandra would ultimately fall in battle during the assault on the US White House during Doom's coup.



DOOM 2099 #1 -First appearance

DOOM 2099 #10 -Announces she is leaving for Wakanda

DOOM 2099 #11 & 12 -Trains in Wakanda, recognized by someone

DOOM 2099 #29 -dra is shown as a member of the Panther's Rage

DOOM 2099 #30 -No actual appearance but her death is revealed


Feng Huang:


Feng Huang is the product of a family's choice to create two daughters to continue their political and economic dynasty. Feng Huang embraced the quest for wealth and power while her sister, Lei Fong, saw it as the path to destruction. Doom first encountered Feng Huang aboard her space platform which served as the nexus of a series of outwardly disconnected events. Fortune was led by Lei Fong to the space platform where it was revealed that her brother Kaz was being held. Five years prior Feng Huang had purchased Kaz after he was found in an alien sphere buried underneath the Himalayas. Kaz seemed to be the recipient of a lone alien signal. Doom discovered and traced the source of a secondary outward transmission. In the snows of the arctic, Doom came face to face with Radian whom Doom followed to the space platform. Feng Huang joined all present for the ceremony of communion, a gift of the alien Y'Lestja. However Feng Huang was interested in only exploiting alien technology and killed Radian in anger. She apparently set the platform's self-destruct and escaped, but Doom saw through the ruse as she merely wanted everyone out of the way while she captured Radian's armor. The platform exploded with the armor seemingly with it. Feng Huang crashed landed in her homeland of China. There she was confronted by a gang of barbarians led by none other than a third twin sister previously unknown to her. Alone, she managed to fight and kill them all. Finally she was found by her own loyalists and returned to her capital.

DOOM 2099 #15 - First Appearance
DOOM 2099 #16-17 - Communion aboard space platform and Feng Huang kills Radian
DOOM 2099 #25
- Back-up story; Crash lands in China


The adept of the Zerifo tribe. His youthful outward appearance hides great mystic knowledge. Vox is a mute. His sole way of communicating is through hand and facial gestures. Vox is skilled in the mystic arts although he seldom uses them. Because of his weak and fragile body he once had to depend upon Doom's expertise in magic in order to defend him and prevent a powerful demon from gaining the amulet eye of Agamotto. Although unknown how Vox came to be the wearer of the eye, it is speculated that the eye found him. Why and for what purpose was Vox chosen is unknown. Vox's current whereabouts and ultimate fate are unknown. It is unclear whether or not he survived the necro-toxification of Latveria. Of special note is that later in 2099 Dr. Strange, the only previously known wearer of the eye appeared in 2099 but engaged in helping another person in becoming the master of the mystical arts. That other person carried her own eye. It is unknown whether that eye was the same as Vox's or one of the other eyes of Agamotto. The eyes of Agamotto are truth, power, and prescience. It is unclear which Vox carried with him.

DOOM 2099 #1 -First Appearance
DOOM 2099 #4 -Vox uses magic to help Doom remember
DOOM 2099 #13 -
Last known appearance


Shadow (Dr. Doom):

While the man claiming to be the original Doctor Doom made his return public and actively retook his native Latveria, another Doom lurked in the shadows. This 'Shadow' Doom made a cloaked citadel in the Pacific his base of operations. From there he engaged in games of chess with his lover / companion, Margaretta von Geisterstadt with the whole world serving as their chess board. From their citadel they manipulated events around the globe and made pawns of everyone and everything on the planet. All of this was done with the utmost secrecy. No one was sure they even existed, but some suspected. Among them was Erik Kristofer Czerny, the son of Tibor Czerny the ruler of Myridia. Using the vast resources available to him, Erik sought to discover these shadows. Becoming obsessed with them, Erik disappeared fourteen years prior to Doom's return to Latveria.  In reality he was captured by Margaretta who kept him captive so that he could become one of her pawns. When the real Doom was injured during one of their games, Margaretta imprinted Doom's memories into Erik's mind, therefore convincing him he was the real Doom. Margaretta put the real Doom into a healing vat to allow him time to recover. Over a period of 14 years, the real Doom healed. When he was fully recovered, Margaretta released him back into the world but with Erik's memories mixed with his own and no memory of what had been done to him. Czerny continued to live as Doom, observing the "other" Doom with disdain. The real Doom eventually discovered the citadel and confronted the Shadow Doom. The two battled across time until they found themselves in the year 2089. There they invisibly observed the events which created them both. The Shadow Doom learned that he is in fact Erik Czerny and the other saw confirmation he was in fact the real Doom. Czerny broke down at this revelation and the real Doom used this chance to take his revenge on Margaretta. Taking control of the Shadow Doom's armor he returned to the year 2099 and abandoned both Czerny and Margaretta in the citadel to be swallowed in a massive timequake.



Doom 2099 #19 - Speaks to Margaretta from off-panel

Doom 2099 #20 - Appears hanging in the shadows in one of Doom's visions. Also appears again speaking to Margaretta from the shadows.

Doom 2099 #21 - Appears in  silhouette

Doom 2099 #22 - Resurrects Tiger Wylde

Doom 2099 #24 - First full appearance

Doom 2099 #25 - Final Appearance




Mercenary, wanderer, and warrior for good. All three words describe Poet. As a young teenager Poet became addicted to the DMT simulacrum drug called Chain. At age fourteen Poet broke his addiction by following a woman who ran a cure out of a monastery. The cure took ten years off of Poet's life expectancy. Since that day Poet promised he would destroy Chain wherever he saw it. Shortly thereafter, Poet tried Seminary school but was kicked out. Three years after breaking his addiction Poet ended up in Latveria where he befriended Fortune and her brother Kaz. After two years of adventuring with the gypsies, the wanderer in Poet resurfaced and he decided to leave and explore rumors of great treasures in the east. Fortune's brother, Kaz, joined him against her pleas. Kaz apparently died in an avalanche in the Himalayas. The death of Kaz and the loss of Fortune's friendship led Poet to become once more the lonely traveler. Eventually he settled into a career as a free agent who worked for the highest bidder. Over the years he developed many high level contacts all over the world, foremost among them, a mysterious character known only as the Neon Angel. Eventually hearing of Doom's return and Fortune's involvement in the overthrow of Tiger Wylde, Poet returned to Latveria to offer his assistance. Poet allied himself with Doom on several occasions if only because he saw that Doom was a man who could get things done. More importantly he sided with Doom in order to help Fortune. Poet finally met his end when taking on a bar filled with chain dealers single handily. Poet's death was a severe blow to Fortune. Poet was given a grand state funeral on the insistence of Doom. Fortune believed the funeral was merely an excuse for Doom to meet with Poet's contacts, but Doom later that same day killed the man who murdered Poet, personally. Poet was indeed a sorely missed ally whose death he took personally. Knowing that his death brought Fortune great pain, Doom attempted to bring him back to life by obtaining a alien artifact which restores the dead.


Key Issues:

Doom 2099 #15 - Flashback to Kaz's death in the Himalayas

Doom 2099 #26 - Death


Margaretta von Geisterstadt:


Little is known about the history of Margaretta von Geisterstadt. She is one of the "Shadows," a cabal of individuals who manipulate world events in secret. Margaretta is a biogeneticist who with her expertise has extended her life by inhabiting new bodies after wearing out her old one. She lives with another shadow, Doctor Doom, in their citadel in the Pacific Ocean. There they engage in grandiose games of chess with the whole world as their chessboard. Erik Kristofer Czerny, the son of Tibor Czerny the ruler of Myridia sought to defeat the shadows but found himself captured by Margaretta instead. Margaretta kept him captive so that he could become one of her pawns. When the real Doom was injured during one of their games, Margaretta imprinted Doom's memories into Erik's mind, therefore convincing him he was the real Doom. Margaretta put the real Doom into a healing vat to allow him time to recover. Over a period of 14 years, the real Doom healed. When he was fully recovered, Margaretta released him back into the world but with Erik's memories mixed with his own and no memory of what had been done to him. Czerny continued to live as Doom alongside Margaretta and together they observed the "other" Doom. The other Doom eventually discovered the citadel and confronted them both. Margaretta thrust both Dooms into the timestream where the two fought until they found themselves in the year 2089. There they invisibly observed the events which created them both. The Shadow Doom learned that he is in fact Erik Czerny and the other Doom receives the confirmation he needs that he is in fact the real Doom. Czerny broke down at this revelation and the real Doom used this chance to take his revenge on Margaretta. Taking control of the Shadow Doom's armor he returned to the year 2099 and abandoned both Czerny and Margaretta in the citadel to be swallowed in a massive timequake.



Doom 2099 #13 - First appearance

Doom 2099 #19 - Observes Doom

Doom 2099 #20 

Doom 2099 #21

Doom 2099 #22

Doom 2099 #24 - Doom arrives at the Pacific Citadel

Doom 2099 #25 - Final Appearance


Kazmierz (Kaz for short) is Fortune's brother. Like many of their fellow Zefiro, hard times during the period before Tiger Wylde's ascension left Kaz and Fortune little opportunities other than thievery to get the essentials to survive. Together with their friend and newcomer Poet, the trio made a career of raiding food shipments, outwitting the Provo Marshal, and running circles around Dog Packs (scavengers). When Poet decided he was leaving the tribe to continue his travels, Kaz decided to join him. The two were lured by rumors that amazing events were occurring in China and together they made the long arduous journey. Using a navigational unit they bought from a Gurkha in Kathmandu, they evaded the Chinese border patrols put were caught in a avalanche in the Himalayas. Poet survived and presumed that Kaz had died. In 2094, seismic activity in the Himalayas unearthed a strange sphere. A team of scientists determined the sphere had been buried for centuries, but once inside, they found Kaz held in stasis. When was revived, he spoke only in a alien tongue. Kaz became a commodity fought over by various mercantile house in China. He was eventually won by Feng Huang. Feng Huang hoped the aliens would return and she would be able to gain new technology from them. The aliens did return in the form of Radian and the Y'Lestja. Kaz became the link by which the Y'Lestja decided it was time for them to commune with the human race, because they might not be around for much longer. Aboard the Chin Shan platform Kaz finally fulfilled his role in the communion, but still remained in a disorientated state after their departure, often speaking cryptically. Because of this apparently sickened state, Fortune offered her allegiance to the Neon Angel in return for Kaz's restoration. This coincided with Doom uncovering that Neon Angel was in fact the alias of Margaretta Von Geisterstadt , responsible for his memory loss and his "reappearance" in 2099. Doom killed Margaretta and penalized Fortune for her betrayal. Kaz's condition continued until the appearance of the Phalanx invasion force. Kaz revealed to Fortune that all of those who communed with the Y'Lestja were changed, and that he had been given purpose and light. When the Phalanx approached Doom for help in locating their missing scout, Kaz donned the armor left behind after Radian's death and sought to defend Earth from the Phalanx. Doom ultimately made his bargain with the Phalanx, and Kaz's actions following this remain unknown.



DOOM 2099 #5 -First appearance in flashback

DOOM 2099 #6 -Poet reveals details about his past with Fortune and Kaz

DOOM 2099 #11-13 -Fortune travels to China seeking her brother

DOOM 2099 #15 & 17 -Fortune is reunited with Kaz

DOOM 2099 #18 - Kaz recalls his experiences following the avalanche

DOOM 2099 #43 -Fortune and Kaz lead the remaining Zefiro after Latveria's destruction

DOOM 2099 #44 -Final appearance


John Anthony Herod:

Hidden within the darkest corners of the Mega-Corp infra-structure, Herod was the sole caretaker of vast technological resources far beyond that of even 2099's standards. His purpose was to keep and watch over technology deemed unready for the world. When Doom took over the USA and began to dismantle the Mega-Corp powerbase, Herod and the other corporate heads were in danger of losing everything. Herod devised a plan to undo Doom's take-over and to strip the planet Earth of all valuable resources and relocate off-world in the span of five years. Although never confirmed, it is possible that Herod was responsible for the appearance of the man claiming to be Captain America. Without a doubt is his responsibility for the necro-toxification of Latveria and orchestrating the death of various meta-humans. Doom avenged himself on Herod by using nano-machines to destroy his base of operations, The Red House. He also infected him with a separate set of nanoids programmed specifically to keep him in pain for the rest of his natural life. Herod was last seen assimilated by the Phalanx techno-organic virus accompanied by Avian in the contaminated zone of the Fatherland (Latveria).

*Note* The Fantastic Four Encyclopedia resolved the question of Herod's name. He is referred to as John Herod in one issue and as Anthony Herod in another. His full name is officially John Anthony Herod.

DOOM 2099 #32 -First appearance
DOOM 2099 #33 -Deposes Doom and destroys Latveria
DOOM 2099 #38 -Doom destroys the Red House and infects Herod with pain-inducing nanoids
X-MEN 2099 #28 - Morphine Somers deals with Herod by handing over the Graverobber
X-NATION 2099 #1 - Herod reminds Avian that he wants all the mutant messiah candidates handed over to him.
2099: World of Tomorrow #2 - Herod appears infected with the Techno-Organic virus, final appearance


Indigo Eshun:

Indigo was a skilled Net Glider whom Doom entrusted as his Minister of Signal during his administration of America. Indigo was also the leader of the Cyber dive Cadre, a team of skilled Net Glider's whose purpose was to serve Doom's cyberspace needs. Indigo served as Doom's close informant of all things happening across the nation. She was the first to inform Doom of the massive earthquake in California and the supposed return of "Captain America." Indigo met her death after Doom's downfall in America. In a attempt to access help in Cyberspace she was killed the instant she jacked in by a kill charge that was left waiting for her to log in to cyberspace.

DOOM 2099 #28 - First Appearance
DOOM 2099 #29 - Leads Cyber-Dive Cadre tying up US communications from cyberspace
DOOM 2099 #30 - Indigo asks permission to investigate the sudden death of one of her Net-Gliders
DOOM 2099 #34 - Killed inside a dive booth



The Phalanx are a sentient techno-organic species spun off from the Technarchy. Using the trans-mode virus, the Phalanx assimilate all forms of energy and mass and covert it to techno-organic material. The Phalanx overtook the Technarchy and their leader Magus attempted to seek and destroy all their installations, including their planet of origin, Earth. The X-Men and New Mutants defeated Magus and the Phalanx when they infected Magus with a modified version of the transmode virus.

Unknown to anyone but Doom, Magus, now a Phalanx, left behind scouts which were partially assimilated with humans. These scouts were programmed to carry a cross breed of human and Phalanx DNA. The Phalanx believe humans contain the key to their next evolutionary jump. After his initial defeat, Magus waited ~ 1,000 years for his scouts to assimilate into humanity in order to return and collect them. Returning with an army of Phalanx embryos, Magus only needed one of his Scouts to activate the embryos and effect the complete assimilation of the planet Earth. Magus at first appeared to Doom as an emissary of a collective. He made a deal with Doom to spare Latveria in exchange for his help in finding the Scout. However he soon revealed his true identity and had another scout, Winn, bring Nostromo to the Phalanx World Engine. Once Nostromo was plugged into the Engine, Doom was able to activate the shutdown codes he had implanted in the Scout years before. Using Nosotromo's connection to the collective, Doom was able to destroy Magus and his Phalanx invasion.



NEW MUTANTS #18 (1984)  - First comic appearance

DOOM 2099 #44 -First appearance in 2099

2099 WORLD OF TOMORROW #3 - Emissary reveals he is in fact Magus

2099 WORLD OF TOMORROW #7 - Phalanx invasion is defeated


Morphine Sommers:

A mutant with the power of superannuation, Morphine Somers was reputed for being a Mutant rights activist, standing up for his kind against great odds. His supposed interest in Mutant kind's well being led to his being chosen by Doom as his Minister for Humanity. Somers accepted the post with the intention of battling the Red Market and Mutant discrimination. After seeing Doom lose control under the influence of an Alien substance, Morphine expressed his concern that Doom might not be any better than the leaders that were governing America before. Disassociating himself from Doom's schemes for America, he instead focused on his mandate from Doom to create a haven for Mutants, Halo City. To this end he recruited the X-Men to serve as the city's protectorate. Time however revealed Somers' greedy personality. In the aftermath of Doom's downfall from office, Somers wanted to claim Halo City for himself and expressed a willingness to do anything to keep it autonomous including making a deal with Doom's enemy Herod and sacrificing Shakti Hadadd's father [Cerebra]. This betrayal of trust brought Doom to Somers' doorstep where he offered him a chance at redemption and a warning. Somers proceeded to run for public office in Halo City, but lost. Out of the job, he attempted to gain an advantage by spying on Cerebra's quest to discover the mutant messiah from among her teenaged team of mutants, X-Nation. When the Phalanx invasion caused the world's ocean level to rise dramatically, Halo City was flooded and Somers followed the X-men to the Last Refuge located in the Savage Land. There Somers attempted to once again place himself in a position of power by heating Mutant / Human relations. However with the defeat of the Phalanx and the subsequent good graces between humans and mutants, his plans would seem to have been foiled.

DOOM 2099 #28 - First Appearance
X-Men 2099 #22 - First Appearance in X-Men 2099
X-Men 2099 #23 - Recruits Junkpile as an Agent of SHIELD
X-Men 2099 #25 - Recruits the X-Men to be the protectorate of Halo City.
X-Men 2099 #28-29 - Bargains with Herod and gives him the 'Undead'.
DOOM 2099 #38 / X-Men 2099 #30 - Doom warns Somers
2099: World of Tomorrow #8 - Final appearance




Nkrumah is the commander of the Panther's Rage, Wakanda's premier elite fighting force. While serving Wakanda they also sell their services as mercenaries for the highest bidder. The owe complete allegiance to their employer, so long as the money is paid. The knowledge, tactics, and skill renowned to the world, Doom hired them for his strike against the United States. After his coup, Doom hired Nkrumah as his Minister of Enemy Relations. He served there until Doom's overthrow and was allowed to return to Wakanda under the rules of diplomatic immunity.

DOOM 2099 #28 - First Appearance
DOOM 2099 #29 - Nkrumah leads Panther's Rage onto the White House
DOOM 2099 #34 - Final Appearance


Sharp Blue:

Sharp Blue is high-ranking member of the Guild of Mercenary Elite. Apart from her skills as a warrior, she is also a keen mind in matters of commerce. For that reason, Doom sought Sharp Blue first as the Guild's official delegate to Latveria, then as his Minister of Order in the Black Cabinet. Descended from a line of warriors who fought for honor, Sharp Blue joined the Guild because she believed there to be no more causes. For this reason she was attracted to Doom's cause to overthrow the corrupt American state. As Minister of Order, Sharp Blue witnessed first-hand the horrors of Hellrock and attempted to find a way to clean up the bio-hazardous region before it was ultimately destroyed along with its ruler, Ravage. This proved to be one of many signs that the government she worked so hard for would not last. En route to coordinate relief for the gamma bomb explosion in California, her Guild ship was attacked by the bio-mechanical air cavalry John Herod. In the aftermath of Herod's coup and overthrow of Doom's government, Sharp Blue fled the United States with her fellow Guild members to Mexico.



DOOM 2099 #27 -First appearance

2099 A.D. - Attends Doom's pre-invasion war council

DOOM 2099 #28 - Announced as Minister of Order in the Black Cabinet

DOOM 2099 #29 - Leads Guild Mercenaries during Doom's invasion

DOOM 2099 #30 - Visits Hellrock

DOOM 2099 #31 - Calls to warn Doom about events in Hellrock

DOOM 2099 #32 - Discovers Wire's dead body

DOOM 2099 #33 -Attempts to contact Doom after Herod's attack

DOOM 2099 #34 -Leaves US, final appearance




Although not really an ally, Nostromo certainly figures prominently among Doom's cast of characters at the end of the 2099 universe. First introduced in the pages of X-Men 2099, Nostromo was a young mutant endowed with a form of Technopathy that allows him to communicate with machines. He is also similar to the legendary mutant Cable in that his body is infected with a  techno-organic virus. In fact when injured the techno-organics replace any lost tissue. Although not said, it is implied that Nostromo lost both his arms and thus they were replaced with techno-organic ones. Like most mutants, he traveled to the mutant city-state Halo City in order to find a fresh start. It was there that he joined the X-Nation 2099 group. At first believing that the team was organized as a sort of youth group, he later discovered that in fact X-Nation was a screen that Cerebra of the X-Men was using in order to find the mutant messiah. Nostromo along with the rest of X-Nation and the X-Men traveled to Earth's Last Refuge in the Savage Land. While accompanying a recon team that was surveying the Savage Land, it was revealed that Nostromo was in fact the inheritor of DNA for a Phalanx scout left on earth since their last invasion. Doom knew this and had created the myth of the mutant messiah as way to ferret out the scout. When the Phalanx returned to Earth in 2099 they came searching for their scout who held the final key to their ultimate conquest of Earth. Unknown to the Phalanx, Doom had altered the DNA coding and reprogrammed it as a self destruct should the Phalanx return. Thus when the Phalanx arrived on Earth, Doom cooperated with them under the guise of merely bargaining for the survival of Latveria. Once firmly entrenched in the planet, Doom unleashed the destructive program hidden inside Nostromo and defeated the Phalanx. In the aftermath of the Phalanx invasion and the revelation that Doom did not survive the final encounter, Doom's last will and testament revealed that upon his death Latveria was to accept Nostromo as his rightful heir.


X-MEN 2099 #30 - First appearance

X-NATION #1 - 6 - Appears as a regular member of the X-Nation team.

X-MEN 2099 #35 - Begins feeling the influence of the Phalanx

2099: WORLD OF TOMORROW #4 - Taken by the Phalanx

2099: WORLD OF TOMORROW #7 - Destroys the Phalanx

2099: WORLD OF TOMORROW #8 - Declared Doom's heir.






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