Marvel printed preview pages of the first four 2099 titles within the pages of some contemporary titles. Spider-Man 2099 was featured in Amazing Spider-Man #365, coinciding with the 30th anniversary celebration of the original character. Punisher 2099 was featured in Punisher: War Journal, coinciding with the series' 50th issue and the character's 20th anniversary. Strangely enough, instead of featuring Doom 2099 in the pages of the Fantastic Four, he instead appears in Marvel Comics Presents #118. Ravage 2099 was featured in Marvel Comics Presents #117.



 An ashcan with preview pages of upcoming issues of Spider-Man, Doom, Punisher, Ravage, and X-Men 2099 was packaged as a freebie with Hero Premiere Edition magazine #7. The ashcan was called "2099 Limited," riffing on the universe's own 2099 Unlimited series. In 2099 tradition, the cover was metallic foil (released in three different colors: blue, gold, and silver).
  Comic Buyer's Guide #1061 - March, 1994

Ghost Rider 2099 cover. Inside, URL given where readers could view an "electronic ashcan" of Ghost Rider 2099 #1 online.



Cover Promotions



Previews - October, 1993

Fall of the Hammer cover.

Advance Comics #56 - August, 1993


X-Men 2099 cover.

Advance Comics #63  - March, 1994

Ghost Rider 2099 cover. Inside, two page spread describing the series.

Advance Comics #70 - October, 1994

Spider-Man 2099 cover [Marvel Masterpieces trading cards preview].





Posters and Print Advertising


A small mini-poster handed out in comic shops to advertise the first wave of 2099 comics. Art by Pat Broderick, colors by Tom Smith. Also released as a much larger retailer poster. The image also saw print in magazines, like Wizard.

This image of Spider-Man 2099 meeting his predecessor first appeared as a pull-out in Web of Spider-Man #90. It was later made available as Marvel Poster #125, sold in comic shops. Art by Rick Leonardi and Al Williamson.
Spider-Man 2099 meeting Spider-Man poster, sold in comic shops. Painted art Bob Larkin.
Punisher 2099 is featured prominently on this retailer poster advertising the original Punisher's 20th anniversary.
X-Men 2099 retailer poster with art by Ron Lim, Adam Kubert, and colors by Tom Smith. The same art saw print in magazines like Advance Comics and Previews.
X-Men 2099 poster, art by Ron Lim, Adam Kubert, and colors by Tom Smith. Sold in comic shops.
X-Men 2099 poster, art by the Hildebrandt Bros., sold in comic shops.
Print ad for Fall of the Hammer crossover, appeared in magazines like Previews and Advance Comics.
Print ad for Ghost Rider 2099, appeared in magazines like Previews and Advance Comics.

(Two of four) Retailer posters promoting the One Nation Under Doom event.

Art by Howard Chaykin.