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Issue: 4

Title: Negative Results

Writer: Karl Kesel

Art: Matt Ryan



In order to prove that they are not escaped experiments, the Fantastic Four decide to break into Alchemex and use their lab facilities to run a DNA analysis. Unfortunately the team's entry raises the alarm and building security forces attempt to capture them. As CEO, Miguel O'Hara is also alerted. He dons his Spider-Man guise and attempts to meet the team before the security forces arrive, but he's too late. Not trusting him, the team initially attacks him. The Thing eventually toss him out a window. Seeing that the direct approach is not working, Miguel uses his rank as CEO to call off the security forces telling them that Spider-Man will handle the situation. When the guards leave, Spider-Man arrives and offers to help them in any way he can. With Spider-Man's help, Reed runs the analysis. To his disappointment, Reed discovers that the technique of genetic duplication in 2099 is so flawless, its impossible to prove that they are the originals.





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