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Issue: 31

Title: Route 666

Writer: Peter David

Art: Roger Robinson



Miguel walks a lonely road thinking about his failure to save Angela and the city of Nightshade from corporate raiders. Suddenly a car pulls up beside him, the female driver offers him a lift. No sooner does he take a seat, the driver blasts Miguel with a spray and tosses him out. She drives away taking his bag with him. Miguel awakens later to find an old friend, Dash, driving a truck on the same road. Dash gives Miguel a lift as he is making a run to Velo City. His cargo appears to be a freight filled with passengers, one of which is Angela. Dash is forced to make a detour from the main road. His truck is being chased by Bats, a demonic looking motorcycle gang. Miguel dons his Spider-Man guise and does his best to fend off their attack. The gang leader attempts to take snatch Angela, but Spider-Man manages to save her. Ultimately Miguel awakens from what seems to have been a hallucination. He finds that Xina turned around back for him and picks him up.








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