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Happy New Year! So it's 2021. Its only 78 years until 2099. ;)


I have not done as much as I would have liked during lockdown, but here are some small updates to the site.






Double wow....So this time I really have been super-lazy. Not only have I not updated the updates page.....I actually haven't been doing any updates since 2099 25 ended. Hope to change that. Given the current situation with COVID-19, I'm at home and in front a of computer a whole lot more. So I will try to make some updates. With that are some updates:



Coming soon.....


Stay tuned......




Wow....I have been lazy when it comes to updating the updates page. There have been updates since 2016. Lots. Every month since 2099 25 started. I hope you've all noticed them on the main page.


2099 25 is almost over, but let's do this properly shall we:






Just 6 months till 2099 25!





Doom 2099 issue guide is back online.





Video games section is back online.




Foreign reprints section is back online.





Due to financial constraints, I've changed we hosts. Switched over to "host metro." This means re-uploading the website will probably be slow. First, I don't have as much time as before. Two...I'm sorely tempted to update things as I go. And since I don't have much time....


Anyway. In the world of 2099 news, Secret Wars 2099 comes to a close next week on September 9th. Its been a fun enjoyable series. Certainly a must-read for 2099 fans who want to see old favorites like Strange and Hulk 2099 put in a appearance. Let's hope PAD revists the Defenders 2099 again. Which brings us to the news that Spider-Man 2099 returns as a monthly series on October 14, 2015. The new volume of the series kicks off with the S-Man getting a new costume. Be sure to check it out!








Secret Wars 2099 #1 is out on May 27th, be sure to check it out.



Spider-Man 2099 issue guide has been updated with issue summaries for all 12 issues of the now ended volume two. Xina and Dana added to the profiles section.


Doomed Storylines section is gone for the moment. I have no problem with people downloading images from my site. That's why they are here. But if you're going to use my images on your own least ask permission first...and give credit.


And if you had asked me "can I download all the unpublished pages and put them on a torrent" the answer would have be been NO!







New additions to the Articles/Promos section include a newspaper clipping from Comic Shop News prior to 2099's debut. Marvel Vision #3 with a vintage interview with Ron Lim. Comics Scene #38 with a vintage interview with writer John Francis Moore. Check it all out here:




The World of 2099 section has been updated with an issue guide covering all of Ravage 2099's appearances.


Check it out here.


On a whim....I scrolled down to the bottom of this page and found the first entry dates back to exactly 1/28/2005. 10 years.....woof. Although the site actually is older, that's when I started keeping track of updates. Wish I'd kept track since the beginning. Honestly I don't remember exactly when I opened the site. I've a file dating back to 2000, though most of my cover scans are dated 2002. In any case...its nice to know that the site has survived at least 10 years. Here's to 10 more!





First update of the new year!



Various updates to the Issue Guide:

Also note, the next issue of the current Spider-Man 2099 series will be in stores January 28th! Two issues in one month! :)














If you have been following my facebook page (hint hint click above and LIKE!), you will know that The Doomed Storylines has been updated. New additions include: two pages from an unpublished Punisher 2099 story with art by Tom Rasch. A proposal for an unproduced series which would have seen a 2099 version of the Night Raven. And also a correction as I've know learned who was really behind that Captain America 2099 page that was recently up for auction.


Doom 2099 has returned to comics! Check out  recent issues of Uncanny Avengers (relevant issues for us Doom 2099 fans so far are: #14, 18, 19, and 20). For now all appearances have been brief. If something significant happens, I will post an update. Otherwise, I am waiting until the story arc is over before I summarize and review.


Also made a small addition to the Doom 2099 issue guide. I had previously omitted Doom's brief cameo in Ravage 2099 #7.




Another addition to the Doomed Storylines section. I have finally uploaded a scan of page 14 from "Credit Crunch", which I purchased some time back. Enjoy!


Remember to follow my facebook page. There is some 2099 art posted there which I haven't posted on the site. Mostly convention sketches which as of yet don't have a place here on the site. Also I will post any sightings of 2099 characters there too. Keep your eyes peeled. If you've read the recent Superior Spider-Man issues with Miguel, then you know that he will be around for some time. Also there is a Doom 2099 appearance in the not so distant future.





The Doomed Storylines section has been updated with a high-res scan of the colored cover to Art Nichol's unpublished Doom 2099 story. Happy to say that the color guide for the cover is now part of my collection. I cleaned it up, just as I did with the Radian story, so that it looks closer to how it would have had it been published.


The World of 2099 section also got a face lift. Feel free to let me know what you think. The goal is to make all those links work some day.


I'll be adding adding some other unpublished art soon. If you want to keep with the updates to the site, and you're on Facebook, be sure to like my new fanpage for 2099: 2099 Bytes.


Last but not least, 2/3 of Spider-Man 2099's comeback is out. The final part, Superior Spider-Man #19 will be out  October 16th.


If you're on Facebook, head on over to 2099 Bytes and let me know what you think so far of the story!





It's Friday the 13th....and if that isn't ominous enough...I've decided to create a new facebook page: 2099 Bytes. Like and share!


Remember also, Superior Spider-Man # 18 is out next week!




Spider-Man 2099 has returned! Superior Spider-Man #17 is in stores now! You can also download digitally.

Marvel has released the issue with a number of variants by Oliver Copiel, JG Jones, and 2099 vet Mike McKone (Spider-Man 2099 and 2099 Manifest Destiny). Mike's variant is a homage to the classic cover from Amazing Spider-Man #371.










Minor site update:


Another creator update. If you liked their work on 2099, then give their current projects a try. In future I want to open a dedicated page for this info.







So its been months since the last update. I have a very good reason....but I am not telling you. At least not until 2017.....and that's all I am saying for now.


Anyway, let me catch up on some 2099 news:





This month I thought I'd highlight what some 2099 creators are up to these days. If you liked their work on 2099, chances are you might want to see what they're up to now.




First update of the new year! Quite of a bit of news related stuff I need to catch up on.




11-29 -12






9-12 -12






This month's update comes early!












Updated the Spider-Man 2099 Issue Guide with his appearances in the Exiles.


Added Doom's appearance in Ravage 2099 #33 to the Doom 2099 issue guide.






Just a very small update to the Articles / Promos / Merchandise section. Added images of two Spider-Man 2099 posters.








Happy new year everyone! To ring in the new year, I've decided to open up the long gestating "World of 2099" section of the site.  For some time I've planned to expand the site to cover all 2099 comics. This year marks the first step towards that goal. I've had this site just about Doom 2099 for it will probably be many many many more years before I can cover everything.


Anyway, check out the new section. The first 2099 hero to get his own sub-site is arguably the most popular, Spider-Man 2099.


I'm open to suggestions on who to tackle next. Remember the sub-site is not complete yet. So more update will be forthcoming.






Soon you're going to start seeing webs around here.






Created a new section for the site to cover how 2099 comics were reprinted outside the US. Check it out here.





Minor update to the Doomed Storylines section. I managed to get my hands on a few issues of Marvel Vision and so I've added some info about the original plans to shoot 2099 two years forward into the year 2101. Also updated the Issue Guide entry on the "Things to Come" arc with info about the alternate cover / story for Fantastic Four 2099 #6


Also, check out the old Promos page section. Its getting a major face lift, as such I'm renaming it Articles / Promos / Merchandise






Ok, so its been just short of a whole year since I last updated the website. But what an update! I was recently fortunate enough to purchase a series of "color guides" to pages from an unpublished story starring Radian! It features Radian post-Doom 2099 #18 confirming, as was hinted, that he did in fact survive. The story was written by Terry Kavanagh with art by Alcatana (artist on Doom 2099 #13). The color guides consisted of one black and white page with dialogue balloons and one color page minus dialogue balloons. Both pages would be marked with color IDs. I went ahead and did my best to remove the color guide notes and then combine the pages to create a reasonable approximation of what the story would have looked had it been published (see below). For all the pages, head over to the long gestating "Doomed Storylines" section. I had always envisioned that page to just list some loose ends from the comic. Never in a million years would I imagine that I could post actual pages from an unpublished story.


Long time Doom 2099 fans will remember that before my site existed there was another Doctor Doom / Doom 2099 page called Doomscribe's Den of Madness. Years ago Doomscribe also found pages from a unpublished story which actually featured Doom 2099. He now has them hosted on his Photobucket page. So if you haven't seen the pages before, check them out! The story Doomscribe found features art by Arthur 'Art' Nichols and finds Doom going on a Wizard of Oz inspired adventure.


Finally, while we are on the topic of unpublished 2099 stories, Punisher/Punisher 2099 scribe Chuck Dixon has posted pages to yet another unpublished Alcatena story starring Punisher 2099. You can check it out on his blog/webpage.


7-13-11 Update to the Update: Site visitor Timo reminded me that Mark Waid's proposal for a Daredevil 2099 proposal is online. Check it out. Thanks Timo!








Last weekend I had the great pleasure to meet Doom 2099 artist Pat Broderick at FL Super-Con. He spoke on two panels, one on DC and one on Marvel. I passed by his table and managed to talk a bit about 2099. Throughout the conversation it was clear that even after all these years he still thinks highly of the series. He spoke of how every artist wants to have a long run on a title, something to call their definitive run. He hoped that Doom 2099 would be his. This was one of the reasons why he stuck with the title after John Francis Moore left. By their second year, he felt that the title had gained a certain momentum. Of course we all know that when Warren Ellis took over writing chores creative differences over the direction of the book (particularly the killing off of the original supporting cast) culminated with Pat being taken off the book. I asked him if had any original pages from Doom 2099, which to my surprise he said he had nothing left. I finally brought up that Marvel had tried to bring back 2099 a couple of times (Marvel Knights 2099, Timestorm 2099). He had apparently not heard of this and actually started asking me questions about these new 2099 books. He was particularly interested to know who they brought back. I of course told him about Spider-Man, Punisher, Ghost Rider and Cerebra. Of course I mentioned that Doom was there, but not in his Doom 2099 armor. The 2099 armor only shows up in one panel. He was, of course, disappointed.





Activision is releasing a new Spider-Man game. Not something that I would normally mention here except that Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions features 4 different versions of Spider-Man. At this week's E3 it was revealed (not a surprisingly) that one of those dimensions would be Spider-Man 2099. I doubt that Doom 2099 will play any role in the game, a cameo in the background at best, but this is nonetheless good news for 2099 fans. Fans will remember that plans existed for a 2099 game back when the comics were still in print but scrapped when Marvel went bankrupt and all 2099 titles were cancelled. 2099 has appeared a few times over the years as alternate costumes in Spider-Man games (Ghost Rider 2099 was also in the Ghost Rider movie game I hear) but this will be the first time that a game will be set in the 2099 universe and allow players to take control of Miguel O' Hara.


Here is the trailer:



More Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Videos


Visit also the game's official site here:





Moved World Tour review to new server. Almost got lost in the shuffle.....


Added profiles for the Phalanx and Paloma.  Decided to not do profiles for Radian, Y'Lestja, Hulk and a few least not now. Maybe in the future. For now I think I have covered all the major players of the series.


Check out the Promos section for images from the 2099 launch poster. It features really fantastic art by Doom 2099 artist Pat Broderick.





Ok, so I never really had a steady updates page for Latveria 2099. I regret it. I've had this site online in some form since

at least as early as 2002, probably 2000 (I had a site on NBCI, but not even I recall the URL, used to be part of a larger site, Comics Etc. ) and I got nothing to show for it. I didn't make the same mistake with DoomGate. But well, I'm going to try and change that now by maintaining a record of my updates from here on in. Appropriate since this marks the beginning of a new phase in the site's history. Since Geocities is closing, my home since 2002, I finally have my own domain now, . Hopefully this one will be here to stay.


I've pretty much completed all the moving from one site to the other. The old site will still be active until 10/26/09 so says the Geocities page. If anything is not working here on the new site, just let me now. 


With TimeStorm 2009-2099 over, expect a write up sometime in the future. Already made space for it on the Issue Guide. Hopefully I will get around to finishing the Profiles page too. That way I can finally move onto my next project....The World of 2099. You can probably guess what it will be, but I don't want to say it until I know I am going to do it.


Speaking of Timestorm, the TPB is due to release on November 4, 2009. Marvel Catalog page.


Also TPBs are out now of "classic" 2099 material from Spider-Man 2099 and X-Men 2099 Support these trades so we can get more!



UPDATE: 12/14/06
Thanks to Rodimus' request to give him a higher-res scan of the Fall of the Hammer ads,

I've updated the promos section with a few covers from Advance Comics. In future....

no pun intended....I may type up the interview contained within the only remaining issue

I've got.


While we're on the subject, let me plug the awesome work he and others are doing

over at the 2099 MUGEN game. Check it out!




UPDATE: 12/14/06
History of Latveria slightly revised.
Allies page updated.




Well, DoomGate has been taking up most of my attention, so this site had kind of suffered. Also, I missed the second 2099 appearance in Exiles in which Doom makes his only cameo. Not to spoil any one who hasn't read it yet, but suffice to say Doom doesn't get picked up so in reality I haven't had too much impetus to come work on this part of the site. However I suddenly got an itch to come continue to small odds and ends which are pending around here. So here goes:



UPDATE: January 9, 2006
First update of the New Year, and this certainly looks like an exciting one. The big news now is this weeks release of Exiles #75: World Tour 2099 part 1. From the previews and covers found on several sites, we can expect a lot guest stars. Let's hope the Exiles make their way over to Latveria a certain armored monarch. Anyway, for now here is just an image of the cover ripped [courtesy] of













UPDATE: October 1, 2005

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005 is on the racks. In it is a two page summary of 2099 canon. Like most handbooks, it excludes nothing. The 2099 World of Tomorrow and Manifest Destiny books are continuity. Other debated subjects that are addressed include:
- Doom 2099's true identity is still left inn dispute. The ambiguous entry text is teamed with a '?' next to his real name, Victor von Doom
- The Fantastic Four's origins is never addressed, indeed their very presence is ignored save for being listed among the significant inhabitants.
- Gabe O'Hara is evidentially not the Green Goblin as it is not listed as an alias.
- Latveria is apparently NOT a significant location; however Attilan, Las Vegas, and Xavier City are?!
- Spider-man meets Spider-man 2099 is in continuity, so are Time Flies [the Captain Marvel arc] and Halloween Jack's appearance in X-Force. Curious is a mention of the X-Men 2099 fighting the regular X-Men of 616. I don't know what issue this takes place and the bibliography makes no note. Feel free to enlighten me.
- Doom's reason for invading America was apparently because of his dissatisfaction "with his accomplishments thus far." I guess it would have been too much for them to ask someone who actually READ the comics to pitch in? Someone whose run a website about the character for over 5 YEARS! Never mind, moving on.

- Thankfully they repaired the both criminal and illogical retcon from Manifest Destiny stating that Doom had released the fake Captain America, who incidentally is definitely not the real one by virtue of Manifest Destiny being canon.
- Apparently "Doom's vengeance was swift." Yeah, that's one way to say it.
-Much is made of 616's Doom saying that he will not allow the 2099 future to come to pass.
- Thankfully no mention is made of Doom's sudden love interest in Xina Kwan however Latveria being handed to Nostromo is canon
- Like the Fantastic Four, no mention is made of the X-Nation kids or the mutant messiah plot. Nostromo is the only X-Nation character that is named.
- No non-title characters i.e. Galahad, Metalscream, etc, are mentioned.
- Punisher is dead despite his mysterious appearance in Manifest Destiny
- The controversy over the Hulk's death is not addressed.

No 2099 character gets an individual entry however neither do characters from other universes save for a few justified exceptions. The image used is the Greg and Tim Hildebrant cover image from the 2099: World of Doom Special. All in all it is touch and go. The entry is mostly Spider-Man and Doom centric, the latter being good for me, however everyone else gets short-changed to a simple one sentence mention and some not at all. For the page and a 1/2 that it has, it manages to compress a lot of info, however it hardly does it justice. Seeing how something as ambiguous as the Age of Apocalypse gets it's own handbook, I personally feel that an imprint like 2099 which comprised over 100 issues spanning a handful of years deserves something better. The same can be said of the New Universe whose entry has an oddly larger font.

alt="" style="width: 200px; height: 310px;" align="left">
Although slightly older news, it is nonetheless news that the Exiles World Tour has begun. Interested parties may want to pick up issue 69 even though the visit to 2099 is some time off. The issue is a good start off point for those unfamaliar with the book, like me. The last page features a preview of the 2099 cover image. The cover features just about everyone from Spider-Man to Punisher, and Metalscream to an oddly incongruous SHIELD foot solider. Doom, who I imagine is in his pre-#25 armor is annoyingly covered by the Next Issue box. You should be able to find this issue on the racks and can look forward to the next issue soon. For right now the Exiles are in the House of M Earth - 616.









UPDATE: June 15th

Lots of 2099 stuff to rave about. First, Newsarama has revealed details about the upcoming Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005. It will of course feature an entry for 2099. Look for it in stores on 9/28/05. Also from Newsarama, details have surfaced about the upcoming Exiles World Tour. The reality hopping mutants will find their way into the 2099 universe in issues 75 and 76.


In other news, I forgot to mention but my satellite site, Doomgate has officially opened. Go ahead and check it out.


Finally, I've also updated the issue guide with a write up for X-Men 2099 #28 which features a literally small Doom appearance. Also Nostromo's key appearances now reflects his appearance in X-Men 2099 #34. Not really Doom related, but I finally have every issue of X-Men 2099. And I wasn't even trying either.


UPDATE: April 25, 2005

I've visited the local comic book shop and picked up the latest Knights 4 and FF issue.

Both feature Doom but neither in any particularly big way. I'm afraid I can't recommend.

Interesting to note however, in the Knights 4 issue, Johnny Storm is trapped in a parallel

universe where the FF never existed and Doom rules America. Marvel missed the boat

on this one....


UPDATE: Feb. 18 2005

Added some reviews which had gone missing, and more or less finished the re-organization
of the issue guide. I've made it more chronological, like incorporating the FF2099
appearances instead of bundling them with the 2099 Under Doom stuff.

UPDATE: Feb. 4 2005

I wrote a review of the MK2099 Black Panther back when it first came out.

I forgot that I hadn't put a link for it so it has been sitting on the server gathering dust.

I only reviewed Black Panther because it has a new MK Doom 2099.

Also, look for some changes in the Issue Guide. I'm adding a few odd and ends and possibly moving a few things around. 

UPDATE: Jan. 28, 2005
First update of the new year. Nothing major.
I've only made some routine maintenance on the site.
A few dead links here and a few missing pics there.
I have however finally opened the Enemies section.
Whew..that's taken awhile. It's still not complete though.


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